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Nik's Home Page


Yeah, there's a certain amount of conceit in having your own website, but nobody ever accused me of not having more than my fair share of conceit. LOL.

I guess we're living in a time where everybody thinks he or she has something worth sharing with the world--whether that's true or not! So why not join the club and share? It's all coooool by me! ROFL.

If you like what's here, that's a good deal. If not, don't hang, cuz I'm not out to offend, bug or in any way spoil your day. Heck, this is probably here more for me and my close friends to check out than for any other reason, so...

But if you enjoy joining in the madness and fun, that's great. Write me an email! Who knows, you could end up one of my friends. I've met so many waaaaay cool people online. My current fiancee (and soon-to-be-bride) was originally an online friend! (And she wasn't my first online girlfriend by a long shot. LOL. The list is long and glorious...)

If you share my love for boybands, pop, creative writing, history (and on and on), I'd be glad to get to know you better! One of these days I'll do some little 'essay' about the things I love in life. LOL. Until then, you can always go and read my blog at LiveJournal! Okay, I haven't written in it recently, but you never can tell when I'll start in again! ROFL. And there's zillions of old entries to give you a clue about me... (Well, maybe not zillions. LMAO.)

Basically, have fun here. That's one of my personal mottos in life--so I encourage you to embrace the concept of 'fun,' too.

Gotta jet for now!

``Czar Nikky (probably better known as Nik these days!)

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